Coaches Expectations


Student-Athletes must be passing all classes in order to play during games.  One or two F's = a minimum number of games in which the player must sit out (I believe it is 3 for one F and 5 for 2 F's).  Three F's or more = ineligibility to play for the entire season.  Once the school year begins, students will be required to turn in a Tuesday report, signed by all teachers AND parent by THURSDAY if they wish to play in the Thursday match.  Also, beware of unexcused absences that may be reported from school - you will have a day to clear these up once I am notified by the school and have let the student know.

Starters/Playing Time will be determined by me as it relates to the student's performance and attendance during practice.  If you are late to practice, you will not start the following game.  If you are absent from practice, regardless of excuse, you will not start the following game.  If you show up to practice on time every day but it is evident you are not putting forth your best effort, this will have a negative effect on your playing time/opportunity to start.

Be positive.  We are a team and need to support one another.  Joking around is tolerated if it is mutual between the two parties.  Consistent negative attitudes towards teammates, teasing, bullying are prohibited.